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A True Synergy

Across all our companies we endeavor to create systems of maximum productivity as well as compliance with all necessary regulations and best practices culminating with proper stakeholder satisfaction.

Our Companies

Midas Upstream Services
ProPlus Petroleum Ltd
GasPro Ltd
Avisha E & P

Our Profile in a nutshell

We’ve been meticulous in building companies well structured in supplying the needs of all sections of the oil and gas industry.

AMP  has long rendered services in all sectors of the Oil and Gas industries ranging from exploration and production of oil and natural gas (Upstream), transportation and storage of crude oil and natural gases (Midstream), turning crude oil and natural gases into thousands of finished products we depend on every day (Downstream).

Our Fantastic Four

1. Remote Guidance Solutions (Augmented Reality)
2. Equipment Calibration, Testing & Inspection
3. Fabrication and Welding Solutions
4. Vessel Chartering
5. Equipment Supply

1. Physical Bunker Trading
2. Trading Consultancy
3. Petroleum Product Haulage

1. Gas Field Processing
2. LPG/CNG Processing
3. Petrochemical
4. LNG/LPG Transportation

1. Upstream Exploration and Production
2. Field Development
3. Resources Extraction
4. Transportation


and Staff
of Operation

Here are some of the sectors we’re involved in

Our Sectors

UpStream Oil Rigs
UpStream Services
MidStream Services
DownStream Services
DownStream Services
Gas Services
Gas Services

Some of our Partners

Our Process

Planning The Project

We start our projects with proper planning and a structured breakdown on the goals and objectives and as such then proceed to timeline them and achieve the end goal.

Idea Generation

Ideas are the basis of all execution. We have a great focus on new and innovative ways in our processes and it spans across all our companies.

Marketing & Sales

One key aspect in an product or service delivery is marketing. We ensure that our team is equipped with the latest trends, techniques and skills in order to compete and succeed in the current climate. We ensure that our products served are well positioned to the right customers at the right time

Employee Satisfaction

Teamwork and mental health are key values appreciated by the AMP Group. As such we take a keen interest in employee fulfillment and make sure that everyone's working at the best capacity and conditions to match

Planning Projects
Idea Generation
Employee Satisfaction


Working hours

Mon. – Fri. 9AM – 5PM


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